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Weight Loss Program – The Great Low Fat Cooking Tricks

Elizabeth Rondon



Do not worry that recipe won’t turn out if they cut back on fat. If a recipe, said, calls for ¼ cup of olive oil, instead of leaving the oil out, use 1 tablespoon during cooking and then maybe add another ½ tablespoon in the end, which means you still have that good taste. Here are some easy, fat-trimming ideas that can help you create fabulous food home any night of the week.

Super soups – In preparation for whipping up stock your fridge, easy soups or quick sauce with canned broth. It adds instant flavor to almost any dish. And by keeping your cans you can scoop off the solidified fat at a moment. Notice!

Fry not – Poaching fish rather than frying saves galore to fat grams. To poach a fish fillet without an endless list of ingredient or a recipe grab that can of crab boil that is probably hiding in the back of your spice cabinet. Shake this savory blend of spices into a frying pan half full of water, add your fish and simmer until done.

Get in tune with tuna – To whip up a terrific luncheon salad in no time, toss a can of beans using a can of water packed tune (both rinsed under cold water to remove the sodium and canning liquid). Add onions and chopped pepper, minced parley and any other fresh herbs you like. Dress of oil with vinegar and bare splash.

Mind your milk – cook or Drink with two glasses of whole mink every day for a year and you’ll be saddled with a whopping 12 pounds of dietary fat. Switch to the same amount of 1 percent milk and you also cut your fat in take by a third. Better yet, skim milk, which at two glasses, adds up to a mere 0.1 pound of fat by year’s end.

Shed the skin – A Few people will remove the skin from chicken before it is cooked by them, because the chicken tastes dry, but then they are not happy. Just be certain to peel it off before you eat it, in the event you prefer to cook it with the skin on.

Fix fat busting burger – Dieters do not have to give up burger. You can prepare the beef a low fat way. Shredded vegetable such as carrots, onions and green peppers to replace some of the meat. Better yet, try ground chicken or ground turkey for your burgers, or nay.

Writer, Bellable Contributor. Caracas, Venezuela

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3 Surprising Diet Mistakes That Stall Your Progress

Andra Picincu



Have a hard time losing weight? Do you eat healthy and train hard but nothing works? If so, give your diet a makeover! Healthy eating isn’t the same as eating for fat loss.

Common mistakes, such as skimping on protein and avoiding fats, can stall your progress. Don’t freak out – everyone makes these mistakes. It took me years to realize what clean eating really looks like. Even pro athletes have these issues.

Ready to make a change? For the start, avoid these diet mistakes that hamper your progress:

Too Much Dieting

Extreme or prolonged dieting raises the stress hormone cortisol levels. This causes your body to store fat and use less energy for fuel. It slows down your metabolism, drains your energy, and makes weight loss difficult.

For this reason, fitness models and bodybuilders practice the so-called “reverse dieting” after restricting calories for months. Basically, they consume more calories so their hormones can get back to normal.

If you’ve been dieting for too long, take a break. Otherwise, your metabolic rate will drop.

Skimping on Protein

Protein is the most important nutrient for weight loss. It not only builds muscle and strength but also revs up your metabolism. At the same time, it lowers the hunger hormone ghrelin levels, which helps suppress appetite and curbs sugar cravings.

A high-protein diet will help you get leaner, stronger, and fitter. Your exercise performance will improve too! For best results, consume at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight.

Eating Too Much Healthy Food

Just because you’re eating healthy, it doesn’t mean you’ll lose fat. Many healthy foods, such as honey, walnuts, and olive oil, are high in calories. If you eat too much, you’ll gain weight.

For instance, walnuts boast over 523 calories per cup. That’s about one-quarter of the daily recommended calorie intake. The same goes for almonds, peanut butter, coconut oil, trail mixes, and other high-calorie foods.

To get lean, watch your portions. Plan your meals ahead and keep healthy snacks at hand. If you’re always hungry, eat low-calorie high-volume foods, such as kale, lettuce, spinach, and berries.

These are just a few of the many diet mistakes you could be making. Remember that weight loss requires a calorie deficit. The whole point is to take in fewer calories than you’re burning. Stick to whole, minimally processed foods, track your macros, and eat mindfully.

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Women, Fitness, and Finding Time For It

Elizabeth Rondon



After a growing and long bout with obesity in America many women are deciding to take action and get there bodies in shape and not only so that they’ll look good. With all of the new information and methods for losing weight a number of these women are doing it more for the health aspect rather than the body image factor. There are ways to find time for exercise and there’s always time to plan a healthy diet.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to get or keep the body (and the heart) in good shape, and the great things is that you fit walking in to almost any part of your day. Even though it might be difficult for women there are usually still opportunities there. Those women that live in cities or live close to their place of employment can benefit from walking to and from work everyday. After several weeks you may begin to see the benefits of feeling them too and doing. Those that are able can walk to and from the grocery store on days when they need to pick up a couple items, or to the drug store or anywhere else in a vicinity that is fairly close. And another thing that’s great whenever you get the chance, about walking is that its great for the environment as well so thats an added bonus to the various benefits of walking.

having a healthy diet is another great strategy to get in shape and get healthy and it’s not as hard as many people think. It doesn’t take much time to grab a bagel or English muffin before leaving the house in the morning rather than grabbing that donut when you get to work and there is a huge difference in calorie and fat intake. Another great way to forgo the donut is to make up a batch of muffins at the beginning of the week and wrap them so that you can grab a muffin right from home before work each morning rather than yourself that is tempting when you can work. Giving up those fancy coffee drinks is a wise idea. Many women don’t realize how many calories are in them and how much fat. And another great way to cut back on fat and calories is to bring your on lunch each day to work. You can make chicken ahead of time for salads or sandwiches and not have to think about it for a couple of days.

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Fitness and Women: 5 Tips on the Best Way To Keep Yourself Exercising

Elizabeth Rondon




“There is no easy way out. If there were, I would have bought it. And believe me, it’d be one of my favorite things!”

We’d all take it if there was a magic pill to do the work for you then. There are lots of companies out there promoting to this very fact, and getting very rich doing so.


Why can we look for the magic pill and how can we condition ourselves to embrace exercise?

I believe because we have been conditioned to do so that we look for the magic pill. Where everything is quick and built for convenience, we live in a microwave society. Just look at express checkouts, all the fast food outlets, speed dating and the list goes on. Why, because life doesn’t work that way.

Becoming unfit or unhealthy does not just happen. It is a process that occurs by unhealthy choices bit by bit, little by little. We stay my favorite one more will not hurt me or watching TV on the lounge for 5 minutes more or the size of the pie gets just a little bigger. We don’t even notice because we become accustomed to the way things are and suddenly our weight is up and our fitness is down.


What can we do to overcome this?

These are my 5 quick tips to start moving away from the magic pill to a more healthy attitude to the Fitness and Women fast fix menu.


TIP 1: Think about how you’ll feel in 20 years’ time from now.

We’re living to a much older age thanks to the advances in modern medicine. Do you want to be living life to the fullest or do you want to be confined to a bed?

I was training a lady in her early 30’s one day and I knew we were discussing how she got herself motivated every day and that exercise was one of her least favorite things to do. How insightful is that.


TIP 2: Be kind to yourself.

Put away the scales for a while. YES I did say that! Focus on how you are feeling after you go for a walk. Focus on how strong your body is starting to feel and how much better you feel inside of yourself.

Many people I ‘ve trained this way say that it’s when you’re not worrying about a number, like the pressure is off. It is strange but the Women who’ve adhered to the no scales policy end up having better results that the Women that are looking at the numbers all of the time


TIP 3: Remember it took a while to get where you need the Women and Fitness menu, therefore it is going to take some time to become healthy and fit.

This will help you to set realistic goals for yourself. If it took 5 years to get in the shape you are it won’t be a 10 week turnaround unless of course you have an amazing support crew of Personal Trainers, Nutritionists, Dieticians and other health professionals around you to get you back. So long as you are taking consistent steps things will improve.


TIP 4: Try Dancing

Sometimes we get so caught up in the Gym side of exercise and become so self-conscious that we forget to have fun. Put on your own favorite tunes like you did when you were a kid and when you are alone or with a friend dance around the lounge room. The worst thing that will happen is you’ll have a smile in your face


TIP 5: Start Small.

How do we eat an elephant? One Bite at a time! Don’t try and do everything at once. When faced with what can seem a huge task of becoming healthy we can become so overwhelmed we can become paralysed with options, so we do nothing. Start with one thing, get used to that as part of your lifestyle then when it is second nature start on the next thing, and so on until the following thing you know you’ve turned your entire life around.

These are all tips that I used to train myself and have gone on to train many other Women using the same methods. I do hope you’ll throw away the idea of the “Fitness and Women” fast fix menu and instead embark on the most amazing journey and gift which you could give your self. The gift of health, wellness, empathy and forgiveness.

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