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Single Woman Travel That is Safe and Fun

Elizabeth Rondon



“We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. Said Jawaharial Nehru.
“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than by the ones you did do. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover,” So said Mark Twain.

In the spirit of Nehru and Twain, let’s dream a little here about single women travel.

Traveling intimidates most people.

Here are a few travel tips for single women.

Let us start from the beginning when you are planning your trip.

Preparing for the Trip

1. Determine whether you want to travel solo or with a the travel club, of which there are a few good ones of a woman. Better yet, get a recommendation from a friend or acquaintance.

2. Should you go solo, and you know your travel dates, register together with the State Department. On that page you may find “Register Your Travel.”

3. Make copies of all your important identification, tickets, and itinerary and keep them in a separate place from the originals. Give friends and your family a copy. They should know places, dates and contact information for every place you’ll be.

4. Make certain you’ve enough for the duration of the trip and for the few days upon arriving home, if you’re taking medication. Which will supply you with time to refill your prescription.

5. Sometimes you will get ideas for items that will enhance your trip, including mosquito proof clothing, water purification, and hand wipes.

6. Buy travel insurance. For as little as $1 a day, you can get emergency medical care, medical evacuation, access to board certified doctors, reimbursement for lost luggage and travel delay, among other things. Travel insurance is the best thing you’ll be able to give yourself – after, of course, the trip itself.

During the Trip

Here are tips:

1. Be sensitive to the way women dress and behave in Muslim countries, especially in public. Your efforts will be appreciated by locals.

2. Don’t take it in the event you do not want to lose it. Leave expensive items and your good jewelry at home. It’s best to keep money on you in a concealed pack.

3. Use your instinct! Stay away from deserted areas; don’t go far from your lodgings at night and only in well-lit and frequented spots.

4. Check into reputable hotels – even though you might need to pay more. Go with a recommendation. Bed and Breakfasts are usually safe. Go with your gut instinct.

5. Memorize the emergency contact information that is local. For instance, in Italy their “911” is 113. Road side assistance is 116.

6. To avoid unwanted attention, wear a wedding ring that is fake and avoid eye contact with men.

Writer, Bellable Contributor. Caracas, Venezuela

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine Without a Corkscrew and a Shoe





You’ve got a bottle of wine for a great night in, you get ready to pour yourself a glass, when it hits you: You don’t have a corkscrew around.

Do not worry, I will show you how to open bottle of wine with a well-soled shoe and a towel.

  1. First, Remove the wrapping around the cork.
  2. Place your bottle in the shoe with a towel for ptotection.
  3. Give it a few good whacks against a solid wall.
  4. Watch the cork inch its way out.
  5. When it’s nearly out, yank the cork out with your hand.

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Weight Loss Program – The Great Low Fat Cooking Tricks

Elizabeth Rondon



Do not worry that recipe won’t turn out if they cut back on fat. If a recipe, said, calls for ¼ cup of olive oil, instead of leaving the oil out, use 1 tablespoon during cooking and then maybe add another ½ tablespoon in the end, which means you still have that good taste. Here are some easy, fat-trimming ideas that can help you create fabulous food home any night of the week.

Super soups – In preparation for whipping up stock your fridge, easy soups or quick sauce with canned broth. It adds instant flavor to almost any dish. And by keeping your cans you can scoop off the solidified fat at a moment. Notice!

Fry not – Poaching fish rather than frying saves galore to fat grams. To poach a fish fillet without an endless list of ingredient or a recipe grab that can of crab boil that is probably hiding in the back of your spice cabinet. Shake this savory blend of spices into a frying pan half full of water, add your fish and simmer until done.

Get in tune with tuna – To whip up a terrific luncheon salad in no time, toss a can of beans using a can of water packed tune (both rinsed under cold water to remove the sodium and canning liquid). Add onions and chopped pepper, minced parley and any other fresh herbs you like. Dress of oil with vinegar and bare splash.

Mind your milk – cook or Drink with two glasses of whole mink every day for a year and you’ll be saddled with a whopping 12 pounds of dietary fat. Switch to the same amount of 1 percent milk and you also cut your fat in take by a third. Better yet, skim milk, which at two glasses, adds up to a mere 0.1 pound of fat by year’s end.

Shed the skin – A Few people will remove the skin from chicken before it is cooked by them, because the chicken tastes dry, but then they are not happy. Just be certain to peel it off before you eat it, in the event you prefer to cook it with the skin on.

Fix fat busting burger – Dieters do not have to give up burger. You can prepare the beef a low fat way. Shredded vegetable such as carrots, onions and green peppers to replace some of the meat. Better yet, try ground chicken or ground turkey for your burgers, or nay.

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Traveling with a Team

Elizabeth Rondon



Unique problematic situations are faced by a woman traveling on business. When traveling on business with co-workers, you must reserve a hotel room alone, if possible. You need and will want privacy to relax, enjoy private time, or to catch up on work or sleep.

Dealing with someone else’s schedule and idiosyncracies can put a strain on both of you. What’s more, should you snore or walk about the room in cold cream and rollers, you risk shattering the business image you’ve created.

When seated at a bar or eating alone, a woman should carry a portfolio case to signal that she’s traveling on business. So it isn’t cumbersome to hold carry a book to read instead of a newspaper, unless you understand the best way to fold a newspaper properly into a small parcel.
Don’t bring clients to your hotel room.
Respect the rights of other hotel guests, and also don’t use your room. Instead, celebrate an occasion by means of your co-workers in the cocktail lounge of the hotel.

Private Homes

Avoid staying at the home of a client or a business associate. Your host might discover that it’s stressful to entertain during a business occasion. It may also be stressful for you to be always “on” throughout the visit. Arrange your own transportation, in the event you have to stay in a home. Let your host know when you expect to arrive and exactly how long you’ll be staying. Bring along a non- .

Provide your own appropriate clothing for activities. If nothing is planned, entertain yourself.
Ask about routines and household rules. Keep your room and also the bathroom clean and tidy, even if there is household help. Make your bed, unless otherwise instructed.
On the last day of your visit, ask in case you where to put your used towels and should change the bed sheets.
Unless your host instructions you other wise, tip the household help. Place the cash tip in an envelop that’s the recipient’s name on it, and include a thank-you note. Present the tip personally, or leave it in the room where it may be seen you occupied.
A gift is a thoughtful gesture.

As a woman in business, you’re representing your company and yourself . Plan on maintaining your professionalism throughout your trip

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