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5 Surefire Techniques for Online Shopping Strategies for Women

Elizabeth Rondon



Are you currently a woman who else enjoys the best shopping encounter? Whether it’s in the mall, within a neighborhood shop, or on the internet, you only take pleasure in the hunt of actually finding the best clothing that makes anyone looks and feel your personal greatest.

I will acknowledge there is nothing such as traditional buying… traveling to the actual retail store and having mesmerized through the fabrics, created mannequins, blossoming smells associated with perfume below luminous lamps. The opportunity to participate in a multi-sensory setting as well as experience a lot of fashion designer brand names is a thrilling, overwhelming pleasure. But as just one, career mother, the opportunity to with patience browse inside a mega shop is alongside none.

These days, online shopping much more traditional. Luckily, the Internet provides thousands of on-line women clothes stores. It can like possessing a conglomerate of worldwide fashion creative designers right at your fingertips.

Even though I cannot talk to everyone, I just adore buying on the web! However, you will find ladies that are leery of creating purchases on the internet and have found this be a headache of knowledge.

It’s correct; online shopping includes a myriad of difficulties one being you do not reach touch and also try on clothing until right after shipment. Nonetheless, online shopping could be a significant expertise, and here tend to be five guaranteed ways everybody should stick to when online shopping:

Know Your Full Entire body Measurements

Very first, let me only ask… Make sure you disregard the dimension you choose whenever shopping in the department store. Whether a sizing 2 or even 22, it doesn’t matter when internet shopping. The key to donning a wonderfully fitted costume that makes a person appear stylish, polished, and elegant is understanding your whole body dimensions. Remember, you might be browsing apparel that is created specifically for a mass-market. The fashion developer has taken excellent care within the choice along with the cut from the fabric for his or her garment to be able to compliment many people type. However every outfit is not high-quality items, so I guarantee you, you can’t have a gratifying experience unless you know your current full entire body measurements.

The actual Listed Sizes Charts

Advisable shop online suggestions require evaluating your body proportions to the sizes of the sizes chart for the garment of preference. Most online retailers have in position sizing graphs that rank the different dimensions and size. It is not sufficient to claim that the size is small and medium, big or large. After all, this kind of classifications aren’t standardized, plus they vary from 1 brand to a different. It is because of this that the dimensions charts show useful. They offer a method of transforming tier measurements to determine the ideal dress dimensions to complement the body type. Like a safe calculate, it is a good idea to consider the character of the material. For instance, the garment produced from 100% 100 % cotton has the probability of shrinking following the first clean.

Read Online Shop Policies

Various online stores possess different plans and conditions that manual their setting of procedures. You need to check out those conditions and terms before making any purchase. Discover the terms of the purchase, order positioning procedures, indicates, terms regarding payments, delivery policy in the shipping techniques, delivery times, waiting period, the reimbursement policy, guarantees, and ensures. Another online order tip would be to check the online privacy policy of the shops to ascertain which any information an individual provide such as payment is secure. Doing this helps to get rid of undesirable final results in case there is undoubtedly any problem together with your order.

Know how The Fabric Will fit the body

Even though it is essential to have an entirely fitting gown, consider the way the particular materials will shape to your physique. As you know, we now have distinct human body shapes, styles, types, in addition to complexions. Whether or not full-figured plus fierce or perhaps slender and even statuesque, you can find different system forms together with types. Might hear of the standard figure kinds such as pear-shaped, petite, apple company, triangle, sportsman, and of course, hourglass. Take a look at yourself… Do you have shapely arms, waistline, and hip and legs? Flabby hands or well-rounded hips? The voluptuous upper body? It doesn’t matter. You would like to choose materials which enhance your body. For example, if you are high go for cotton or natural cotton fabrics that will show your long legs. Any pear-shaped woman should consider clothing that assists her to display her figure. However, if you happen to be the hourglass kind, choose Egypt, leather, as well as satin fabric. For the apple-shaped woman, silk cotton and made of wool fabrics is going to do just fine.

Confirm Their Customer support Contact Information

One last in the shop on the web tips is confirmed if the online garments store features a customer service division with a reliable method of getting in touch with the client assistance. As an example, if the wrong color of dress gets delivered, there are holds off in shipping, or when the dress gets there in a ripped or worn-out state. Within each of these circumstances, you need to know you will get in contact with the internet store associates and have your personal issues resolved.

Wishing anyone all the best within dress!

Fausto Coleman may be the founder involving ProminentImpressions Picture Consulting. She is a champ for women who also feel unconfident about their look and helps these to tap into the utilization of their genuine personality and also unleash that outwardly in a manner that is elegant and fashionable.

Via her amazing program, Gown for Righteousness, a systematic method of help females express any 3-C Design Presence which is classy, self-confident, and brave, she has already been featured on syndicated radio stations and is some sort of sought-after loudspeaker for women organizations, retreats, along with faith-based businesses.

Writer, Bellable Contributor. Caracas, Venezuela

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Curvy Is The New Sexy

Jessica Scott



Curvy Kate Brand
Curvy Kate Brand

You wake up one morning and boom! You have gone from a size 6 to a size 12 and you literally scream internally because it’s an emergency. Your body con gowns no longer fit, your chiffon tops are four sizes too small and everything you wear makes you look and feel like a drenched cat on a rainy morning. “How do I survive this” is a question you ask yourself, “What can I wear?” “Will it fit me?”

Brands like Lane Bryant and Curvy Kate are creating new trends using big and curvy models to redefine sexiness.

There is a myth that weight watchers have come up with, unless you are skinny, nothing will look good on you. That is a lie, at the moment, curvy girls are winning the race (yes, you are curvy!) and dressing in bolder fashion statement dresses that they would have shied away from years ago because the female fashion industry is ever evolving (can I get an Amen?) So hop on the fashion train and let me take you amazing places that you never knew existed, wear amazing dresses that leave you feeling like Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother. Here are some fashion tips for my lovely plus size, nah scratch that (curvy ladies):

Wear clothes that flatter your body:

There are different body shapes like the Apple, Pear, Triangle and Hourglass shape. You have to identify what kind of body shape you have. It will guide you in finding out what kind of clothes you ought to be wearing.

Don’t be scared to show a little skin:

Most curvy girls shy away from showing some parts of their body because they have heard all their life from their skinny friends that it should be covered up in layers of clothing which ends up making them look like an overdressed thanksgiving turkey. Don’t be scared to show a little skin, wear a crop top with a high waist skirt or jeans.

Wear statement pieces:

By this, I don’t mean you should break the bank and wear expensive pieces. Buy statement jewelries to make your neck standout, wear waist belts to cinch your waist and make your waist smaller, wear bangles and colorful rings.

Embrace your little quirks:

Most curvy girls buy a lot of shape wears (don’t get me wrong) they are good and do a lot for your body but embrace your quirks, wear your body con gowns and don’t suck in a lot of belly, wear your high waist jeans and a crop top and strut like the world is your run way.

Accentuate your body:

Every curvy girl has a favorite part of her body. It could be her legs, hips or upper body. Always make that part of your body pop. Wear thigh high stockings to make your legs look longer. Avoid frumpy jackets and skirts. Above all, stay comfortable.

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Fashion For The Gram: How To Become An Instagram Fashion Influencer

Kristie Bertucci Real



Social media has changed the way we live and make a living. If you love fashion, you probably already follow a variety of different fashion accounts on Instagram and are constantly hitting like just to get the outfit details emailed to you via But what you probably don’t know is that these Instagram fashion accounts are making a real living from simply dressing up and posting pictures! That’s right, they’re getting paid for each style post they add to Instagram! If you already love fashion and are a vivid Instragrammer (or “grammer”) then you could become the next big fashion influencer, reaping the rewards of your fashionable life and here’s how to do it!

Have a niche

There are a million and one different fashion influencers on IG these days, so if you want to become part of the elite, you’ll have to figure out your niche. Are you going to be a lifestyle Instagrammer, adding in different aspects of your life into your feed, or will you be a strictly style influencer and only post pics of your daily outfit? Maybe you’ll do style for less pictures or play around with vintage clothing? Whatever you interest is, narrowing it down can help set you apart from the millions of other accounts and allow you to gain a dedicated following.

Create a cleaver name for your IG handle

Now comes the hard part…creating a name for you IG handle! You’ll want something memorable and catchy and something that defines your look. You don’t want to make it complicated with too many numbers or signs and if you have a blog, it’s wise to name it the same if it’s available. Remember that you’ll want something that you can use forever and something that will be unique to you and your fashion goals.

Create a content schedule

To populate your IG account with pictures, you’ll want to plan your outfits ahead of time so that you know exactly what you’ll be posting at least a few days to a week in advance. Of course, you’ll want to maybe use some real-time pictures as they happen, but scheduling out outfit posts will make it easier to keep adding to your feed without wondering what to add the day of. Many choose a day to shoot photos of what they’re wearing for the week and then use different shots or angles on different days. However you plan on doing it, creating a schedule of what outfits you’ll be posting will help save you time and sanity!

Figure out your IG picture aesthetic

Each IG fashion influencer most likely has their own IG aesthetic – or a look they try to follow with their posts. This can range from a specific filter they always use or prop they always have handy to make their feed cohesive. If you plan on doing the same, figuring out what filter(s) you’ll be using is a must so that all your posts have the same look or feel. Although it sounds complicated, it’s simply using a few picture apps to mix and match filters that catch your eye. And if you’re editing your photos on a computer, you can easily find filters with many popular programs, too. But no matter what aesthetic you go for, make sure that you have crisp high-quality photos!

Be consistent

In order to keep your following engaged, you’ll have to be consistent with your postings! You can’t post everyday then go silent for a week or else you’ll lose your audience’s attention. Be consistent with your posts so that your audience anticipates your next photo!

The right hashtags

In the beginning, hashtags will be your best friend since this is the easiest way to grow your following. With this being said, you’ll have to research the best hashtags on Instagram that are relevant to your feed and that are popular to get people checking out your content. It’s best to use the entire allotted amount of hashtags (30) that IG allows. And it’s good to mix them up! Have a few batches handy so that you can see which ones work better. Once you start to amass a following, you won’t have to use as many hashtags as you did in the beginning when first starting out.

Don’t forget to tag

Whatever you’re wearing, make sure to tag the company, so as you grow your following, these companies will see that you are becoming an influencer and will want to team up with you on sponsored posts!

Be ready to invest

Until you have a good following, you won’t be getting free swag for a while, so you’ll have to dish out your own cash for all your outfits. But don’t worry, if you’re a savvy fashionista and know where to get the latest trends for less, you’ll be able to churn out style inspo pictures without being broke!

Be committed and be patient

Know that you’re not going to get thousands of followers overnight. But if you’re committed and put in the work, you’ll soon start to see your numbers rise! Just be consistent and patient and keep posting quality pictures and on-trend outfits and you’ll slowly become that fashion influencer you initially wanted to become!




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Pepa Pombo opened Colombia Moda 2017 fashion Week

Bellable Multimedia Staff



Pepa Pombo Fashion House opened the 28th edition of the most important Latin American fashion event where designers and brands showed off a plethora of creations.

Bold colors and patterned prints took over the catwalks in Medellin with Pepa Pombo and its current Creative Director and daughter Monica Holguin. Andrés Pajón, another colombian designer joined the with night with his creations.

Medellin, a center for textiles and apparel, draws buyers nationally and from abroad for the three-day fashion event, made up of catwalk shows and trade exhibitions.

Swimwear brand Luli Fama was among the first to kick off the runway shows on Tuesday, presenting bikinis and sarongs in bold colors and printed patterns.

Student designers also presented their creations with collections for both men and women, showcasing structured tops and dresses, also in a variety of colors.

Colombiamoda 2017 ends on Thursday July 27.


7,500 square meters is the surface on which the fair is exhibited.

13,600 buyers are expected in this version of the event, 1,600 international and 12,000 nationals. The countries with the most buyers are the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, France, Panama and Peru.

620 brands from 15 countries exhibit at the fair.

69 fashion events, catwalks, performances and Trunk Shows, will take place in Colombiamoda 2017.

61 designers.

22 lectures and 12 workshops.

400 models.

60 photographers.

300 national and 80 international media.

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