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Wonder Woman is now highest-grossing live-action movie directed by a woman

Bellable Multimedia Staff



Wonder Woman has just hit another moviemaking milestone, as the highest-grossing live-action movie directed by a single woman. Helmed by Patty Jenkins and starring Gal Gadot as the titular superheroine, the DC Extended Universe film has quickly become an unstoppable force at the global box office – having made well over $500 million in ticket sales around the globe. It is expected that Wonder Woman will ultimately wind up being among the top ten highest-grossing superhero films ever, when all is said and done.

The film continues to make waves heading into its fourth weekend of release. Wonder Woman has now set yet another box office record, ahead of it passing 2013’s Man of Steel at the domestic box office this weekend.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Wonder Woman has passed the $609.8 million earned worldwide by the 2008 Mama Mia! musical movie adaptation. That means Wonder Woman is the highest-grossing live-action movie ever directed by a single woman.

Comparatively, Jennifer Yuh solo directed the animated franchise sequel Kung Fu Panda 2 in 2011, which went on to earn a robust $665.7 million – and seeing as Wonder Woman may yet eclipse that total, that means Jenkins may yet set another record for movies solo-directed by a woman at the box office. That being said, the case is different when it comes to films with two female directors (see, for example, the $742 million earned by The Wachowski Sisters’ The Matrix Reloaded or the $1.28 billion earned by Frozen, which Jennifer Lee co-directed).

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Fashionable Jennifer Lopez in 5 different outfits for Puerto Rico

Maja Krdzić



If you want to pull off something important, you have to be important yourself. And no less, fashionable! Jennifer Lopez was the one in charge who pulled all the string to make the benefit concert for Puerto Rico relief happen. Being related to the Puerto Rico, the place where he parents come from, the singer and actress decided to raise money for the hurricane disaster relief.

The concert named “One Voice” gathered many music starts like Demi Lovato, Gwen Stefani, Marc Anthony, Adam Levine and many more with a unique goal – to raise and collect as many funds as possible so that the hurt areas in Puerto Rico can get the help they need. As she explained before the concert, in times like these one, it is important all to act as one, to be united. The community needs that help and we all have to start from somewhere because only then, people will follow, she said.

Together with her boyfriend Alex Rodriguez, JLo was hosting and performing herself. Always fashionable, trendy, scene-ready, the singer appeared in 5 memorable different outfits. All of them where totally in her style, from scene costumes to gowns.

The first outfit was a silver and glittering costume, with long sleeves that featured sequins and tassels. The look was completed with sparkling tights and high tight silver boots. Her hair was flowing down her shoulders with the part in the middle. She was truly shimmering queen on the stage.

After this, followed the outfit that suits one host. She wore a gown with a black strapless top, black belt and huge watermelon skirt. The gown was a piece form Romona Keveza Spring/Summer 2017 collection. The skirt was no ordinary ball skirt. It had tropical floral pattern that went down diagonally. This look was the most elegant and eye-catching.

For the second performance of the evening, JLO wore also glittering costume. It was gleaming red one, with sequins, short sleeves and deep V-neckline. This time, her hair was curled. To complete this look, the tight she wore were a tight fishnet with sequins and over the ankle heeled boots with open toes and laces.

After the performance, she went again to being a host. Alongside her boyfriend, they both appeared elegant and classy. With a glittering mic in her hands and long hair with almost beachy waves, JLo was a vision on the stage. She wore a navy dress, with grand front split. It has sequined part on the upper part of the dress and she paired it with shimmering high-heeled sandals.

Her final look was a business casual crepe jumpsuit. This design also was with a shimmering upper part, with open arms sleeves, shimmer panels at the shoulders and wide leg pants. The shimmering embroidery followed down the both sides of the pants.

The concert was a big success and JLo’s initiative was highly supported and appreciated by the world. She remained focused on the cause and added her great fashion choices that all the fashion community is talking about.

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Serena Williams: Pregnant, beautiful and naked on Vanity Fair

Bellable Multimedia Staff



Serena Williams is proudly showing off her baby bump with a nude photo on the cover of Vanity Fair’s August 2017 issue. Not only is she the greatest athlete in the world, a brilliant fashionista, and a smart and witty woman, she’s also a pregnant queen who can star in a divine nudie Vanity Fair photoshoot and subsequently win the interent.

The 35-year-old tennis superstar previously announced her pregnancy with Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian in April. The magazine reported the couple will be married in the fall after the baby is born.

Williams told the magazine she “did a double take” and her heart “dropped” when she saw a positive test because it came just before the Australian Open, which she ended up winning.

Williams was lauded over the weekend by former tennis star John McEnroe as the greatest female tennis player, “no question.” When asked on NPR how she would rank on the men’s tour, McEnroe said “like 700.” On Tuesday, McEnroe was asked on “CBS This Morning” if he wanted to apologize and said “no.”

The shoot has whipped up a frenzy of love for Serena on social media, as fans go absolutely wild for the striking snaps.

The stunning image was taken by magazine regular Annie Leibovitz, a photographer who not only has a long CV of celebrity editorials, but has at times worked to normalize image of pregnant pregnant bodies. In the past, she has captured similar profiles of actresses Demi Moore and Natalie Portman during their pregnancies.

@vanityfair texture #annielebowitz Must read article. Link in bio

A post shared by Serena Williams (@serenawilliams) on

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Your Guide To The Best Female-Led Shows On TV

Elizabeth Rondon



There’s no uncertainty that the entertainment world has a long approach to go before we can say it’s completely inclusive of all narratives, but the television landscape has shown through show like “Scandal,” “Jessica Jones” and “Jane the Virgin” that interesting female characters on TV don’t have to be the exception, they could be the rule.

In the past month alone, there have been powerful debuts of female-directed dramas and comedies that offer up intricate, nuanced portrayals of girls from all possible backgrounds. It’s unbelievably exciting to see what.

Below are 35 shows, now running, new and returning, that anyone who loves female -empowered TV shows should be seeing:


1 Angie Tribeca

Rashida Jones is bringing back the absurd and slapstick humor of “Airplane!” and “Naked Gun” with this new comedy where she stars as a hardened detective who takes her occupation super seriously.

2 “iZombie”

It might seem like a strange premise: to be able to solve homicides, a zombie who’s also a coroner eats the brains of the deceased. Strange, but completely amazing, thanks to the talented lead Rose McIver.

3 “Supergirl”

This is totally charming addition to TV’s superhero landscape is also one of the few to center around a female heroine. Melissa Benoist brings a unique comedy to this empowering take on the Supergirl mythology.

4 Sleepy Hollow

Nicole Beharie plays with a badass cop fighting alongside the time-traveling Ichabod Crane against the approaching apocalypse. The show is one of the few genre series on TV that features girls of color.

5 “Younger”

Broadway queen Sutton Foster stars on this particular clever, funny comedy from TV Land about a 36-year old girl who feigns to be 26 in order to break into the area of publishing.

6 “Jane the Virgin”

“Jane the Virgin” not only   a female showrunner, a Latina lead (Gina Rodriguez), and an amazingly diverse and gifted cast — it’s also ?funny as hell?.

8 “Idiotsitter”

This irreverent comedy about a female who finds herself working as a babysitter for an out-of-control adult woman on house arrest stars Charlotte Newhouse and Jillian Bell.

9 “The Good Wife”

Julianna Margules has reigned on this CBS play for years as HBIC, and she’s going out on an incredibly high note, if rumors about the show ending in its seventh season are accurate.

10 “Teachers”

TV Land is taking additional strides in its original programming with this hilarious ensemble comedy about elementary school teachers acting terribly.

11 “American Crime”

Regina King won an Emmy for her exceptional performance in Season 1 of “American Crime and she’s back alongside Andre Benjamin in the second show of the anthology series. This time, the narrative targets the fallout after a pupil at a prestigious private school accuses of sexually assaulting him several classmates.

12 “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”

Rachel Bloom won a Golden Globe for performance as a girl who travels halfway across the country for a man. While the assumption and the name may seem to play into stereotypes about girls, the show is truly a refreshing celebration of girl who gets what they desire.

13 “Full Frontal with Samantha Bee”

Samantha Bee’s name was suggested as a potential replacement when it was announced that Jon Stewart would be leaving “The Daily Show. Obviously, the job went to Trevor Noah, keeping the all-man late night show landscape intact. Mercifully, Bee is gearing up for the premier of her show on TBS, which is certain to be a hilariously refreshing change to late night TV.

14 “Scandal”

Shonda’s Thursday night block of turns and twists is back. The midseason’s powerful, subtle reveal of Olivia’s choice to get an abortion, plus her heroic breakup with Fitz, cemented the show as a leader in presenting a complicated, although strong, female lead. Can’t wait for much more.

15 “How to Get Away with Murder”

The Shonda good continues with Viola Davis as Annalise Keating, a high-powered lawyer and law professor with a crazy personal life that just keeps getting more insane. Not only is “HTGWM” one of the most intense shows on TV right now.

16 “Broad City”

The show’s blunt, in your face comedy of a draw, but promos for the brand new season also have suggested at cameos from Hillary Clinton and producer Amy Poehler.

17 “Girls”

Lena Dunham’s  has had its ups and downs over the last few seasons, but it’s remained a consistently genuine portrait of four young women figuring out life in New York, beginning dialogues about slut and body positivity -shaming.

18 “The Family”

Joan Allen returns to TV in ABC’s “The Family.”, latest political play The series, executive produced by former Shondaland writer Jenna Bans, revolves around corrupt mayor Claire Warren (Allen), who declared a bid for Governor after the mysterious return of her youngest son — 10 years after he was presumed dead.

19 “Quantico”

Priyanka Chopra is thrilling ABC play about a different group of FBI trainees, one of whom is framed for orchestrating the greatest terrorist attack in New York since 9/11.

20 “Underground”

Jurnee Smollett-Bell stars in this new WGN first series alongside Aldis Hodge, Christopher Meloni, and Jussie Smollett. The 10-episode interval-play will center on the narratives of slaves trying to ensure their freedom via the Underground Railroad.

21 “The Catch”

From Shonda Rhimes comes a brand new show for us to obsess over — “The Catch.” Starring Mirelle Enos as fraud investigator. Vaughan is followed by the thriller as she solves cases and attempts to hunt down the guy trying to ruin her life and livelihood.

22 “Empire”

“Empire” may have had a couple hiccups during its second season, but there’s no denying that Cookie Lyon is one of the very interesting and amusing heroines on TV at this time.

23 “Orphan Black”

Every season of “Orphan Black” is worth seeing simply for the absolute magnificence of celebrity Tatiana Maslany, who plays with a number of different clones who get farther and further wrapped up into a conspiracy that is dishonest.

24 “Outlander”

Last season of “Outlander” motivated audiences to the point as Jamie and Claire fought both physically and emotionally against the sadistic captain Black Jack Randall. In the brand new season, we follow the time-traveling Claire from Scotland to France for more experiences.

25 “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt”

Tina Fey humor received some valid criticism for this Netflix show, due to a few off-color jokes plus a tone deaf Native American storyline.

26 “Veep”

Julia Louis-Dreyfuss flaunts her humor guru season after season on this HBO comedy about a woman trying to keep it together as vice president (President as of season 4) of the United States.

27 “Penny Dreadful”

Eva Green is leading in this dark gothic series which uses ghouls and creatures as metaphors for the darker elements of human nature.

28 Frankie” and “Grace

Frankie and grace are vibrant, sexual, nuanced characters that are glorious — the kinds of girls in TV like to see, we’d.

29 “Orange is the New Black”

The game changed when she created “Orange is the New Black,” which returns for its fourth season this summer. The show follows women of different ages, races, sexual orientations, and economic backgrounds, enriching the Hollywood landscape with leading actresses like Uzo Aduba and Laverne Cox. Oh, and it’s entertaining as hell.

30 “Insecure”

It’s reported to debut this year, although there’s no word on an official premier date for Issa Rae anticipated HBO show.

31 “Search Party”

Alia Shawkat is finally getting her very own show! The “Arrested Development” actress will play with Dory, a bored 20-something who suddenly becomes obsessed with finding a missing girl although she went to school with but just understood. Sometime this year, the dark comedy is set to premiere on TBS.

32 “Gilmore Girls”

A Netflix-created reunion of “Gilmore Girls” is slated to premiere sometime later this year, with most of the old gang (Luke, Lorelai, Dean, and Rory) reportedly returning. Get ready for all of the feels.

33 “Divorce”

Over a decade following the finale of “Sex and the City,” Sarah Jessica Parker is returning to television for a new HBO show, “Divorce.” Parker is executive producer of the comedy series, described as “the story of a divorce that is very, very long.” The show is likely to make its debut in the spring or summer of 2016.

34 “The Crown”

The preview for this coming Netflix show is enough to get us hooked already — Claire Foy plays with a young Princess Elizabeth as she prepares to take on the role as the ruling monarch of the Uk.

35 “Stranger Things”

Not much is yet known about this sci-fi Netflix series about a boy who inexplicably disappears in a tiny town in 1980s Indiana. But using the wonderful Winona Ryder set to star, it’s certain to be awe-inspiring and spooky.

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